Inner Alignment for Healing Childhood Trauma Introductory Course 

The only system that gets to the root cause of trauma, restores the Soul, and rewires the six-layered body back to wholeness. 


This program gave me my life back. I never knew I could feel worthy of love.

- JZ, Texas -

Inner Alignment Soul Retrieval and Rewiring

Inner Alignment is an integrated system that works with the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, wisdom, and spiritual layers of the body. By systematic Soul Retrieval, Rewiring of the layers, and Providing the Foundations for wholeness, Inner Alignment radically heals trauma in a short timeframe. This introductory course walks you through the fundamentals of your healing.

Cooperative Soul Retrieval Different than traditional Soul Retrieval, our collaborative approach allows the participant to guide the healing, wiring in empowerment for lasting transformaton. Determine whether you have been suffering from Soul Loss.

Neuroscience-based Rewiring Rewiring the six-layered body shifts the reverberation of past trauma to allow for peace within. Identify what layers of your body have stored your past trauma.

Holistic Perspective of Trauma No other perspective of Trauma gets to the interwoven complexity of trauma with a corresponding way to heal it. Learn how the Trauma Matrix Self-Assessment can help you understand your trauma from a more dynamic perspective.

Golden Nugget of Healing There is one very important aspect of healing that is left out of most healing modalities. Discover how this aspect of healing can facilitate a faster healing process.

Inner Alignment Online Introductory Course  

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Introductory Class Details

Module 1: Trauma and Soul Loss

Redefine Trauma from the Inner Alignment perspective of the 6-layered body  

Learn how childhood trauma forms Trauma Packets within us which can only be rooted out through the Inner Alignment Cooperative Soul Retrieval Process, where Spirituality intersects Neuroscience  

Measure your resulting level of Soul Loss by completing our Inner Alignment Soul Loss Index

Modules 2 & 3: Rewiring the 6-Layered Body

Learn how we Rewire the Six Layers of the body (physical, energetic, emotional, mental, wisdom and spiritual bodies) to sustain the Soul Retrieval so you can Feel Healed  

Identify where your Trauma is stored in your Energetic Trauma Centers, and how your Energetic Constitution can affect how your trauma manifests on the 6-layered body

Create your own personal Inner Alignment 6-layer Self-Assessment Inventory (Trauma Matrix) identifying which of your layers require rewiring through the view of the 15 Sources of Resistance

Module 4: The Gold Nugget of Healing

Discover THE MOST important aspect in every trauma healing succes story, and dive deep into your own experience of it as you tap into the purest part of your pre-trauma self.

Module 5: Your Blueprint for Healing 

With your Trauma Self-Assessment Inventory, you have everything you need to diagnose your Soul Fragmentation, imbalances in your 6-layered body, and your relationship to the Golden Nugget. We use this Trauma Inventory to chart the course for your healing by creating your Inner Alignment Healing Blueprint to implement these new findings in your life immediately.

All modules are ONLINE so you can work your way through the material at your own pace!

I feel whole again. Thank you.

- LM, from NY -

About Kim

Kim Beekman has designed a comprehensive system for healing childhood trauma through Cooperative Soul Retrieval and 6-Layered-Body Rewiring. This ground-breaking approach to trauma healing happens over an intensive 2 month process. And get this...EVERY SINGLE PERSON who puts in the effort toward healing achieves their desired trauma healing.  

Come learn about the fundamentals of this system so you can apply it immediately. 

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